To my world of symbolic images.

I created Emdal Colorknit Studio in 2006 where I build symbolic textiles and invent colors for the new world.

I create loveable soft knitted design-products and fiber art, through a careful proces of seeing yarns like paint. Colors are always a reflection of your personal journey through life. Colors are energy.

"Threads of yarns are weaving your fabric of life"

My studio is located next to the sea, in order for me to create authentic true beauty.

If you are interested in creating with me, please feel free to write an email.

Article by Nara Shin at coolhunting.com on 28 August 2014

The Danish artist tames a German knitting machine from the '80s to produce symbolic colors and unusual patterns

Designer Signe Emdal has an affinity with the year 1984. That's the year her 1.25-ton German knitting machine was made, as well as the Nikon camera she uses to create patterns from photos. However, Emdal (who entered the industry in 2006 by helping fellow Dane Henrik Vibskov construct physical knit-samples) is no old school artist: using a mixture of Photoshop, hand-drawings and programming on a '90s Silicon Graphics PC, and a dash of Danish creativity, she transforms graphics into not-so-typical knitted textiles (lovingly called "hugs"), whose iridescent colors and multiplex patterns have become the trademark of her label, Emdal Colorknit.

From scarves and kimonos to dresses covered with warrior-print patterns to her stunning, new collection of blankets, Emdal is constantly exploring and developing new techniques while pushing technical boundaries to tease new patterns out of the old machine (which was a machine originally intended for making clothing textiles, resulting in unusually soft blankets and scarves with a garment-like quality and feel).

This season's collection of blankets—called Mirror of Threads and made from a blend of merino wool and Egyptian cotton—are the upshot of years of experimentation. This is the first time she made the blankets right at the machine. Because the blanket's "frame" fits perfectly to this specific machine, there is zero waste material, and Emdal also developed a finish at the blanket's edges so she only has to stitch the tiny corners—eliminating any other sewing.